As Rx’d: It’s more than just a workout

lets get started.

I’ve spent my life at the gym – if we’re being exact, since age 12. Fitness first started as something to do after school while mom and dad were at work, and has since evolved into my passion first, career second. I’ve spent the last ten years in school, practicing medicine, owning a successful gym in Chicago, and adding every certification I could to make me a better fitness professional.  For me, this is about helping others reach their goals – whether it’s losing weight, building muscle or just living a healthier lifestyle.

I’ve used the gym to get me through this thing called life.

Because there is nothing more consistent than a gym routine to get you through the ups and downs of life (believe me, I’ve had my fair share). I’ve worked my way through countless methodologies, programs and approaches to achieve my personal fitness goals, and what I’ve found is that there is no one right way — there are many. Which is why I’m excited to be a part of As Rx’d, a company dedicated to delivering personalized fitness and nutritional plans to meet your individual goals, all from wherever you happen to be in this world today, or tomorrow.

For the first time, I can offer clients more than just a workout to complete. I can offer around-the-clock coaching and support, with sophisticated tools and technology to track your results right from your mobile device, access to our database of technique videos, and the ability to keep in real-time, constant contact with me about your success, roadblocks or questions. Whether you’re embarking on a fitness routine for the first time, or are a seasoned pro looking to take your wellness to the next level, I’m here to help.

So, take a look around and see what we are all about. I’m ready to get started. Are you?


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